Songs Update

2010-03-19 05:12:10 by shadow6nothing9

Just adding two more songs to my list. 'Silver twilight' a waltzly feeling piano solo and 'Eternal Abyss' A crazy and more of a darker solo :P

Silver Twilight /319308

Eternal Abyss /319079

Thanks for everyone that listens. Here's the music I have made and would like to recommend to who ever passes by here.

Oh and it has come to my attention that "My Goodnight In Ashes" Has been featured in a make up tutorial called "Tim Burton Look" at youtube. It got over a million views and that explains how I got all the downloads from that song :P Thanks super hot asian chick
Eternal Daze /252276

Marionette /251121

My Goodnight in Ashes /292004

After Midnight /279830

The Old Man`s Journal /281763

NIght Theme-Tarja Turunen /274240

Shadow Symphony /221389

Crook /164562

Crushed /135516

Drifting Away /130123

Tetris Theme Overture Remix /132771

The Imaginary /123877

Dream Forever /121830

Until The Last Day /119116

Envious /116885

A Clown Waltz /223954

Songs Update


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2010-03-19 18:30:26

Excellent job on silver twilight and eternal abyss.

and btw the first two links work but everything below eternal daze dont work, course i could just click audio submissions and go through that.

shadow6nothing9 responds:

I was tired and did it on rush :P Thanks for pointing it out.