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WTF Funny... M-bot deleted my review on this flash. So I'll give this toon a chance and give it a 1 star this time. I didn't know the term back then but now I know that this toon is a forced meme.


It didn't show the impaling part! It just skipped that and showed him gagging. I wanted to see violence.

Should have...

recycled some more cleaning robots.

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Good Game Sir

The controls are too complicated. Get rid of the tab button and it would be great.

My Mind

It feels thouroughly F^%&ed


At first it felt like an intro to a game. Then when I finished it I was... "So, Where's the game?" Then I realized that was the game :P

Tactics: Rank A
You'd probably survive a real outbreak.

(Anything lower and your dead)

Compassion: E
Your a cold hearltess monster who wouldn't let anything slow him down.

Hey, some ones gotta axe my wife in the head? =\

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Still listen every now and then. Remaster needed!

This suffers from the musician's quality of needing better vsti instrument's but that should never get in the way of getting in the way of a musician because it's ideas that motivate you. At it's core a pop song is supplied by a singer's personal melody , but as a classical stand point it needs more variation to keep the listener interested.

Personally I would use some slight reverb on the instrument's and make it loop properly, or make at least a proper ending for it.

What I love is the mood it create's. :-) A sense of enjoyment.

stunkel responds:

Thanks for the review! yeah, I think you are right, I really should get some better VSTI instruments. And I'm not sure what you mean by make it loop properly, if you mean the entire song looping, then I'm not intending for the song to loop at all. If it's not that, I really don't know what you mean, I will probably send you a message and ask DX But I'm glad you liked the mood it created, unfortunately I can't think of an atmosphere in a video game or a film that this could fit in. But the music I have made makes me happy and i think for making a song out of pure enjoyment, that is just fine.

I appreciate the review though!

What they said...


In case she comes here I just want to say... aye sup babe ;)
I've been inactive from music.
No inspiration or motivation.
Recovering from depression and anxiety.
I'm a product of this Hell, and I am its finest piece.
I love you.

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