Entry #8

Added two new songs and added a Goodnight in Ashes Tutorial :D

2012-09-27 03:52:11 by shadow6nothing9

If you have any questions regarding my music or anything to ask please ask here.

Any ways for who ever happens to pass by here are a couple of songs that I made and would recommend to you. I have made a lot of songs in three or four years, well kind of. So here's a list of the more complete sounding ones. The rest are more side projects and sketches.

When ever I make something new. I'll add it here

Piano Compositions.

Our Darkest Dream

Snow Fall

Come Little Children

Autumn and The Night

Through The Mist

This is Halloween - Piano

Following Orion

Drowning Under The Flames

Further and Nevermore.

The Music Well

Sweet Dreams - Piano.

A Moment on the Bridge.

Descent Into Madness

Death of a Prophet

A Million Stars Away

Dying Fantasy

The Terminal - Piano

Breaking serenity.

Silver Twilight

Eternal Abyss

Eternal Daze


After Midnight

The Old Man`s Journal

Within the Tower of Sorrow

The Imaginary

Dream Forever


Other Works.

Autumn and The Night

My Goodnight in Ashes

Quiet Slumber Music Box

Wandering Around

NIght Theme-Tarja Turunen

Shadow Symphony



Drifting Away

Tetris Theme Overture Remix

Until The Last Day

A Clown Waltz

Theatrical Orchestral Loops

Entering Shadow Valley

The Dark Inn Waltz

Never Forget

The Fallen

Soul Eater BG



Sound Cloud



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2012-10-09 21:28:39

Your music is absolutely beautiful. You are very talented indeed. :)


2012-10-12 19:11:41

they need to add a "play all" button


2013-06-17 00:49:27

I'm always inspired by your music. I'm an all around art person, so I always draw out what I imagine when listening.


2013-09-28 14:18:48

A play all button....there needs to be a download all button!


2014-11-14 12:48:42

I started learning "Darker Tone" on the piano today. Though I see you've removed it now...


2016-04-15 15:06:37

I don't leave reviews that aren't reviews but rather comments, so here goes. In your 2011 song "Mystical Forest - Piano" (400588) you say that "The melody sounds, very.. I don't know." Well, I know, it's an underdeveloped version of an older song already properly done an year before! And that is -Silver Twilight- (319308) in this list.